DFN 6838 Dishwasher
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DFN 6838 Dishwasher

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DFN 6838
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Smart Solutions

    • Eco 50 ºC Program

      Ideal washing cyle for normally soiled dishes to save energy.

    • Auto Program

      With auto program, sensors automatically detect the soil level of dishes to determine the appropriate wash cycle for the job at hand.

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    • Water Hardness Sensor

      Determines the water hardness level and adjusts it for an effective and gentle wash.



    • BabyProtect Program

      Beko BabyProtect Line dishwashers combine an intensive wash cycle with an extra hot rinse cycle in order to provide total hygiene for your baby’s utensils, plates and bottles.

    • Mini 30‘

      Perfect for lightly soiled dishes and glasses, the Mini 30’ program washes a full load in 30 minutes at 35 ºC, thus saving time and energy.



    • Child Lock

      The child lock option can be activated to prevent children from tampering with the buttons. Activating the child lock option prevents any change from being made to the selected program.